Prevention of Achilles Tendonitis

Proper conditioning and appropriate footwear are the best defense against Achilles tendonitis, also sometimes called Achilles tendinitis. People who engage in physical activity should always warm up (e.g., jumping jacks, light jogging) and stretch properly before beginning the activity. Cold muscles are inflexible and working them hard without stretching causes excessive stress to the muscles and tendons.

If discomfort occurs, the activity should be discontinued immediately and ice should be applied to the affected area to relieve inflammation. If the problem persists or recurs, medical evaluation is necessary. It may be advisable to consult a physical trainer to determine whether a flaw in technique is contributing to the problem.

Publication Review By: Hai-En Peng, D.P.M.

Published: 31 Dec 1999

Last Modified: 26 Aug 2015