OA of the Knee Household Helpers

When you cannot bend your knee easily, getting ready to face the day can be difficult. Here are some devices that might make it less difficult to get washed, dressed and ready to go.

  • Bathtub bar—This easy-to-grab bar locks onto the side of the tub so you can more safely and easily get in and out.
  • Bath/shower bench—It can be difficult to lower yourself into and raise yourself up out of a bathtub; try one of these benches that lets you shower or take a sponge bath with little strain. Some versions have adjustable legs that are secured with suction cups.
  • Elevated toilet seat—These can raise the seat level of your toilet by more than a couple of inches, making it easier to get up and down. Some come with padded arms for support.
  • Sock and shoe aids—It can be tricky to bend your legs and knees enough to get your socks on—so try a sock holder that lets you slip the fabric over a form and then pull it up. Next, use a long shoehorn—with a flexible neck—to guide your shoe on. Stay clear of shoes that tie; slip-ons are easiest.

The main goal of all these devices is to spare yourself pain and make it possible to get up and into your day with fewer obstacles.

The Arthritis Foundation offers information on products that are easy to use and techniques for handling everyday tasks. You can contact them at Arthritis Answers, 800.283.7800.

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Published: 21 Feb 2010

Last Modified: 09 Oct 2014