Makeup Tips for a Cold - Masterfile

Don't let a winter cold foil your looks. These insider secrets will help you look smashing—even when you're sneezing and sniffling!

  1. Shift to neutral. Bright makeup accentuates under-the-weather eyes. Stick with neutral shades around the eyes to help minimize redness and puffiness.
  2. Go green. Color correct a Rudolph-red nose by first applying a moisturizing rose salve, then stippling green-tinted concealer on top, says celebrity makeup artist Gita Bass. At night, soothe the sensitive area by dabbing on a little petroleum jelly mixed with an antibiotic ointment.
  3. Don't run. Waterproof mascara will help prevent raccoon-like smudges from watery eyes.
  4. Bronze out. The quickest way to look healthy and vital? Add color to the face. Apply a bronzing powder with a touch of shimmer to fake a healthy glow.
  5. Moisturize the air. A humidifier helps you breathe easier, preventing chapping from blowing your nose; it also rehydrates skin, helping it look plumper.
  6. De-puff eyes. Apply a cool compress, then dot on under-eye concealer.

Adapted from our sister publication, REMEDY’s Healthy Living (Winter 2008)

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Published: 01 Dec 2008

Last Modified: 03 Nov 2014