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Nothing beats a good salon facial and microdermabrasion to clean your pores, reduce fine lines and even your skin tone, says New York facialist-to-the-stars Christine Chin. Salon treatments are a waste of time and money, however, if you don’t do proper maintenance at home. There’s no great mystery about it: Use sunscreen, don’t go to bed with your makeup on and use products appropriate for your skin.

But with so many choices, how do you decide what is right for you?

  • Skin too tight? Your moisturizer is too light.
  • Bumps under your eyes? A too-heavy cream is probably the reason. Many women use a moisturizer with SPF, which is wonderful sun protection, but it blocks pores. Don’t use daytime SPF moisturizer at night.
  • Dull skin? A cream containing glycolic acid can make skin glow by taking away the pore-clogging top layer of skin cells. If it makes your skin turn red, dilute the effect by putting a light cream on your face first. If you see red scales, stop! The glycolic acid is too strong for you.
  • Clogged pores? Toners remove built-up moisturizer that can cause pimples. Match your toner to your skin type: oily, normal to dry, prone to breakouts or redness.

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Published: 23 Aug 2010

Last Modified: 03 Nov 2014