What Your Health Care Provider May Want to Know about Your Mental Health

These are typically the kind of questions your doctor may ask you if he or she is concerned about bipolar disorder. It will help the conversation be productive if you are able to give some thought to your responses beforehand.

  • When did you or your family and friends begin noticing your symptoms or depression or mania?
  • Do your symptoms interfere with your relationships or your ability to do your job?
  • How often do your moods change?
  • Is there anyone in your family history with bipolar disorder or any other mood disorder?
  • How long do you sleep at night? Does that stay relatively consistent or is it erratic?
  • Do you have other physical or mental health issues?
  • Do your use alcohol, cigarettes or street drugs?
  • Do you sometimes take risks that you normally wouldn't take?
  • Does anything seem to improve your condition?
  • Does anything seem to make it worse?

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Published: 19 May 2014

Last Modified: 19 May 2014