Prevention of Cardiomyopathy

To reduce the risk of heart disease, eat a well-balanced low-fat diet, exercise regularly, and lose weight if necessary. Limit yourself to no more than two alcoholic beverages each day, and don't smoke.

Diagnosis of Cardiomyopathy

  • Chest x-rays may be taken.
  • Your doctor may perform an echocardiogram, which uses ultrasonic waves to image the structure and the movements of the heart.
  • A biopsy of heart muscle may be taken.
  • A coronary angiography may be performed to evaluate narrowings of the coronary arteries. In this procedure a tiny catheter is inserted into an artery in a leg or arm and threaded up to the coronary arteries. A contrast material is then injected, which provides a clear image of the blood vessels on x-ray.


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