The harmful impact COPD can have on quality of life is borne out in the results of a multi-country survey presented at 2011's European Respiratory Society's Annual Congress. COPD patients were asked how the disease affected their lifestyles:

  • 52 percent said their condition stopped them from fulfilling their life goals or dreams.
  • 41 percent were unable to plan for the future.
  • 37 percent saw their household income decrease.
  • 34 percent said COPD affected their social activities, and 58 percent were going out less.
  • 52 percent said their cough embarrassed them in public.
  • 22 percent needed regular help from loved ones; 54 percent needed constant help.
  • 17 percent felt like a burden to friends and family.

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Published: 17 Jul 2013

Last Modified: 17 Jul 2013