Pregnancy & CF

Even though about 20 percent of women with CF are infertile, the good news is that when a woman with CF does get pregnant there is a very good chance that her baby will be healthy. About 90 percent of all pregnancies produce healthy babies, and women with CF generally can breastfeed their babies.

Though her baby may be healthy, outcomes for the mother vary, depending on the severity of her symptoms. Pregnancy can adversely affect lung disease and should be avoided if the woman is experiencing any type of lung dysfunction or cor pulmonale.

Cystic Fibrosis Follow-up

Frequent Doctor Visits

Patients with CF should visit their doctor at least every 4 months.

Counseling & Support Groups

It is often a good idea for patients and/or families who are faced with the physical and emotional challenges of living with CF to seek professional counseling and support to better cope with the situation. The CF Foundation is a good place to start. The organization has local chapters across the United States and provides up-to-date research and treatment information. The foundation can provide patients and families with information about support groups in the area.

It may be especially important for the parents of babies or children with CF to seek support. Many parents feel guilty and responsible for their child's disease. Seeking support and/or counseling can help relieve the parents' guilt. By educating themselves and building a support network, parents can learn how best to interact with their child.

Genetic Testing

Siblings and cousins of a patient with CF may want to be tested for the CF gene to determine if they are carriers or have CF themselves (if, for example, they have had chronic CF symptoms).

CF & Sexuality

People with CF can have a satisfying sex life. However, most men with CF are infertile, and women are usually less fertile than women without CF.

Self-management Skills & CF

Patients and parents should educate themselves about the disease by searching for resources available through the CF Foundation and by asking their doctors and other health providers about how to best care for themselves or their child.

Publication Review By: Stanley J. Swierzewski, III, M.D.

Published: 31 May 2000

Last Modified: 10 Sep 2015