Cookouts are a centerpiece of summer socializing, but the typically high-fat, high-sugar foods offered can derail your healthy eating goals. Consider fresh veggies—they are healthy and easy to throw on the barbeque and try these tips for staying on track:

  • Skimp on the sauce Barbeque sauces can contain a lot of sugar and calories, so use sparingly. And stick with a small portion of baked beans—they're often loaded with brown sugar or molasses and may also contain pork or bacon.
  • Mind the mayo Opt for oil-based dressings over mayo-based dips. Punch up your sandwich's flavor with mustard and added veggies—tomato slices, pickles, or sweet peppers.
  • Ditch sugary drinks Sipping water is a much healthier way to stay hydrated than consuming sodas or fruit juices. For more flavor, add a lemon or lime wedge. A few frozen berries or pineapple chunks can even act like ice cubes!

From our sister publication Diabetes Focus (Summer 2015)

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Published: 13 May 2015

Last Modified: 28 May 2015