See if you can spot the healthiest options at the fast food counter

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1. Which salad is the most heart-healthy?

A. Grilled chicken salad with ranch dressing

B. Crispy chicken salad with Caesar dressing

C. Grilled chicken salad with vinaigrette

D. Crispy chicken salad with French dressing

2. The lowest-calorie breakfast choice is:

A. Scrambled egg with English muffin

B. Pancakes with syrup

C. Sausage with hash brown potatoes

D. French toast

3. Which dessert will satisfy your sweet tooth without tipping the scales?

A. Low-fat frozen yogurt

B. Apple pie

C. Apple slices dipped in caramel

D. Cinnamon and sugar breadsticks

4. Which drink is lowest in calories?

A. Unsweetened iced tea

B. Soda

C. Chocolate milk

D. Lemonade

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5. To save more than 200 calories on your burger, hold the….?

A. Special sauce

B. Cheese

C. Bacon

D. All of the above

Answer key:

Here's savvy nutrition advice from registered dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner, an American Dietetic Association spokesperson.

1. C. To cut the fat, choose grilled chicken over fried. Plus, vinaigrette dressing—while not low-fat—tends to contain healthier oils such as canola or olive.

2. A. It’s lower in fat and calories than the others. Options B, C and D are all fried, fatty, sugary, calorie- laden and/or lacking in fiber.

3. C. Fresh fruit, even with a bit of caramel, has fewer calories, less fat and more fiber than the other choices. Frozen yogurt may sound healthy, but it’s high in sugar.

4. A. Sugary drinks can add more than 200 calories to your meal; a large fast-food soda can top 300!

5. D. Top your burgers with onions, pickles and tomatoes. Need a dressing? Choose healthier add-ons such as mustard or ketchup.

By Natasha Persaud

From our sister publication, Remedy's Healthy Living, Spring 2011

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Published: 27 Jun 2011

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