Foot Pain Prevention

To help prevent foot pain, shoes should fit properly and should have adequate cushioning, arch support, and room at the ball of the foot and the toes. In addition, shoes should be in good repair, should always be worn with socks, and should be appropriate for specific activities (e.g., sneakers for exercise, running shoes for running).

The feet should be washed regularly and dried thoroughly. Toenails should be trimmed carefully, straight across and to a comfortable length. It is also important to use sunscreen whenever the feet are exposed to the sun (e.g., when wearing sandals) to avoid sunburn.

Maintaining a healthy weight also can help prevent some types of foot pain. During exercise, warming up properly, stretching adequately, and cooling down afterward may help reduce the risk for developing foot pain.

Patients who have diabetes or other conditions that increase the risk for foot pain should report any problems with the feet to a qualified health care provider as soon as they occur. Please see our information about diabetic foot care.

Publication Review By: J. Michael Lunsford, D.P.M.

Published: 30 Jan 2007

Last Modified: 15 Sep 2015