Use these nutritious grains in salads, soups or stews.

Wheat Berries Image

Wheat berries are the whole kernels of the wheat plant, from which all wheat products are made. Available in red and white varieties, they are highly nutritious.

Quinoa Image

Quinoa is rich in high-quality protein. Make sure to rinse before cooking, because the seeds are coated with bitter compounds, called saponins, to stave off insects.

Amaranth Image

Amaranth is a petite grain that's packed with nutrients and considered more of a "complete protein" than other grains. It's relatively rich in calcium, has a good balance of amino acids and is high in lysine.

Farrow Image

Farrow is a chewy, nutty-tasting grain that works as a substitute for Arborio rice in risotto dishes.

Teff Image

Teff is one of the smallest grains in the world. The white varieties are slightly sweet, while darker types taste earthier, even chocolate-like.

Amaranth, teff, and wheat berries work well as hot cereals.

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Published: 13 Aug 2014

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