Healthchannels's medical information websites ("healthchannels") provide online consumer health education that is easy to find and easy to understand. Board-certified physician advisors develop and monitor each medical specialty healthchannel to ensure that accurate information is available to help people make informed health care choices.

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pediatrichealthchannel - sample patient educationpediatrichealthchannel launched in September 2008 to provide important information about children's health issues to expectant parents, parents, guardians, and caregivers of children from birth to adolescence. In addition to information about common childhood conditions, pediatrichealthchannel also offers interactive features that allow parents and caregivers to share stories about their experiences and communicate in forums with other parents and/or pediatricians and a downloadable form to help new parents ask the right questions at their baby's first doctor visit.


gichannel - sample patient educationgichannel, which launched on February 29, 2008, provides physician-developed and -monitored information about digestive system disorders for health care consumers, as well as a place to interact with others about medical conditions and a free patient helper.

painchannel is now available. Check out all our new pain management resources.

Beginning in April 2007, all of our healthchannels have a special section titled "Living With..." where you can share personal stories about health concerns (e.g., Living with Chronic Pain). Read stories submitted by others or submit your own story with easy access to this section from nearly every page of our healthchannels.

What's Special About the healthchannels?

Our medical information websites have received national recognition for quality information, ease of navigation, and interactivity. Our healthchannels are patient-physician communities that give browsers an opportunity to:

  • Obtain reliable information about medical conditions and treatments.
  • Connect with others who have similar health care interests.
  • Share personal health stories in our Living With... section.
  • Search our online directory of doctors.
  • Find out about current clinical trials.
  • Link to other resources.
  • Keep up with the latest health news.
  • Shop for health care products, books, and videos.

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