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Group of people on laptops"The material on your site is outstanding and I feel my students can benefit from it greatly."
-Judi Colver, Instructor
Gross Anatomy Course for Physician Assistant Students
UT Health Science Center™ - San Antonio

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  • Just wanted to say Thanks, this is the best explanation of OCD I have read. It was in plain understandable language. I suffer from OCD, and it reared its ugly head in my late teens early twenties. I have struggled with this monster for decades. Your info has helped. Thanks again.

    November 2009

  • The most helpful website to me was the animalhealthchannel...

    animalhealthchannel Feline Infectious Peritonitis Forum
    sechristenson, June 2009
    Post Link:Adopting a new kitty after FIP death with previous kitty

  • I really do appreciate all the advice I'm getting on this site. It is helping me streamline my questions for when I next see the podiatrist.

    podiatrychannel Charcot Foot Forum
    kdramirez, June 2009
    Post Link:After the boot and casts.

  • ...I also found thru this site a fantastic doctor, a true leader in the field of rcc research, with hundreds of articles authored on rcc, a gentle soul, and a kind considerate doctor that takes time to listen and respond to your questions and needs. If not for the members of this list, I never would have known of this doctor, and I would be that much more in the dark and without hope...

    Living with Kidney Cancer
    APPLE, June 2009
    Story Link:MY STORY

  • Thank you for sending me info about health issues that concern me. Really there are some issues that are very difficult to share with people around and are easier handled by strangers. Its also encouraging to note that there are other people out there with similar problems and with a hope of helping each other.

    HealthCommunities.com Newsletter Recipient
    May 2009

  • On a positive note it has been really good for me to read your posts, it's good to know that other people are in the same boat and also to read lots of postive posts from other people. I do feel more positive now than I have done which I think can only help me on the road to getting better.

    urologychannel Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) Forum
    kdb, May 2009
    Post Link:Exercise and PID

  • This forum seems to be great and very supportive of one another.

    neurologychannel Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) Forum
    Blackey7.709, May 2009
    Post Link:CRPS in and out of remission

  • Hi, i’m thrilled with this site, i didn’t know soooo many people is suffering with this vertigo thing. … thanks so much for sharing your experiences and nightmares it helps me realize i’m not alone with it.

    Coping With Vertigo
    Laura, April 2009
    Story Link: vertigo is a nightmare!!!!!!!!

  • Thank you for this site, and for the other information on this illness [RSD].

    Living with RSD
    Lou Anne, March 2009
    Story Link: RSD

  • I am glad that I found this forum in which to communicate with others who understand my struggles and pain.

    neurologychannel Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) Forum
    Bussey, February 2009
    Post Link: How RSD affects your speech

  • I found this site, and for the first time I have hope of a treatable diagnosis.

    Living with Interstitial Cystitis
    Leigh-ann, February 2009
    Story Link:I feel like no one beleives me…

  • It is amazing to read these many posts from people with experience with GBS.

    neurologychannel Guillain-Barre Syndrome Forum
    mosgoodc, February 2009
    Post Link: Guillain-Barre and me

  • I would like to congratulate your organization for this web site. I have been diagnosted with charcot foot, After reading so many experiencies in your web site I sort of feel I am not alone.

    January 2009

  • I'm happy I found this forum where I will have chance to talk about what's bothering me these days.

    urologychannel Hematuria Forum
    mk-girl22, January 2009
    Post Link: Scared and Worried, pls advice me..

  • I am so grateful to have found this site!!

    neurologychannel Guillain-Barre Syndrome Forum
    slwebber, January 2009
    Post Link: Treatment Suggestions

  • Hi it's nice to know that there is a forum like this that people who have the same illness that we have can share each others experiences.

    oncologychannel Carcinoid Tumors Forum
    exculiberv, January 2009
    Post Link: carcinoid tumor

  • This is one of the best websites explaining the disorder [Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder] that I’ve seen.

    Living with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
    Rebecca, January 2009
    Story Link: Purely Obsessive

  • I also say Thank God for this site. I just got my computer at Christmas and finding this forum has literally saved my life.

    neurologychannel Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) Forum
    dar in pa, January 2009
    Post Link: learning to relive

  • I can't tell you how happy I am to have found this thread! I've had kidney stones since I was 19 years old (many requiring Lithotripsy)…

    urologychannel Kidney Stones Forum
    Kay Pasa?, January 2009
    Post Link: calcium in urine and hyperperathyroid

  • Again, I cannot say how appreciative I was that I actually found this forum and it got me through one of the worst times of my life.

    pulmonologychannel COPD Forum
    Jinny, January 2009
    Post Link: End Stage – Isolation

  • I am so glad I found this site. I don't know anyone with my condition and it feels good to know that people in my situation are swapping ideas.

    January 2009

  • Thank you!
    Thank you for your mature, rare impressive and overdue website for the lgbt community, and those who support us!

    December 2008

  • I'm now communicating in this forum and feel like I have support and understanding from people who share the same or similiar experience, that I too may support and encourage.

    neurologychannel Vertigo Forum
    vertigovexation1, December 2008
    Post Link: Vertigo Vexation

  • Hi ! I cannot express how happy I am to find this forum. I am glad that I found a place where I can talk about my situation...

    urologychannel Testosterone Deficiency Forum
    gudguy369, November 2008
    Post Link: Need Help!

  • Anyhow, I'm glad I found this forum. If nothing else, at least I have a way to vent my frustrations and share stories. It is nice to know I'm not alone!

    sleepchannel Sleepwalking Forum
    hezeronek, November 2008
    Post Link: Husband is Sleep Drinking - HELP!

  • I am so glad I found this forum. I feel I can comment (complain) and you all understand plus I do think I am getting some good tips and an understanding of this new medical event in my life.

    podiatrychannel Morton's Neuroma Forum
    doe53, November 2008
    Post Link: mortons neuroma

  • I feel better knowing that there are other people out there with the knowledge of the disease. ... I am definetly thankful for this forum! I have seen treatments in here that I have never heard of before. ... I have never even heard about the non-invasive treatments until I became a member of this forum!

    neurologychannel RSD Forum
    mrsamyhume, September 2008
    Post Link: I need some advice please....

  • I have learned more from these posts than any dr I went to.

    sleepchannel Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome Forum
    Pfree, September 2008
    Post Link: Wondering...

  • Also, I have had a hard time finding any websites where people with LPP actually communicate. This is the first I've found in years.

    Living with Alopecia (Hair Loss)
    dustyk, September 2008
    Story Link: Living with Lichen Planus

  • I know you are and let me say it helps me to know that I have someone like you on my side:) For so long I didn't have anyone to talk to about ET and since I found this website I feel a whole lot better.

    neurologychannel Essential Tremors Forum
    Unicorn71, September 2008
    Post Link: Whole body shakes :(

  • Also I hadn't spoken about it with friends/family and am grateful for these forums and advice.

    Living with Essential Tremor
    daz926, August 2008
    Story Link: Handshaking very embarrasing

  • I was amazed to find out that my unusual, ‘invisible’ foot (pad under 3rd web, sharp burning, bone crushing) pain had a name, let alone a website & forum! I wish I had found this before my operation then I might have known what to expect. ... I don’t know anyone else who has had this so I’m glad to hear from others who know what it’s like.

    podiatrychannel Morton's Neuroma Forum
    WJH, August 2008
    Post Link: Weeks after surgery

  • Thank the Lord for this posting board, it has truly been like having a friend right there with you holding your hand all the time...

    pulmonologychannel COPD Forum
    Jinny, August 2008
    Post Link: End Stage - Isolation

  • I am also glad I found this forum. If there was a local support group for kidney stone sufferers I would attend. It helps to talk to someone else who has been through almost the same medical condition you have.

    urologychannel Kidney Stones Forum
    lioness, August 2008
    Post Link: this may be a strange question/problem

  • My son (15) has DSPS and it has been hard until I found this site.

    Living with Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome
    Sandyboo, August 2008
    Story Link: you guys know how i feel!!

  • You don't know how good it makes me feel to put my thoughts down so others suffering the same problem can offer suggestions.

    urologychannel Bladder Control Forum
    RichardP, August 2008
    Post Link: My bladder and colon are running my life

  • I know how very difficult it is but these forums are such a big help to all of us.

    neurologychannel RSD Forum
    2ndtwin, August 2008
    Post Link: hi a new member

  • ...For so long I didn't have anyone to talk to about ET and since I found this website I feel a whole lot better.

    neurologychannel Essential Tremor Forum
    Unicorn71, August 2008
    Post Link: Whole body shakes:(

  • I am glad that I was able to read some of the responses on this forum because it helped me to know what questions to ask my doctor yesterday. I hope that I can be of help to someone else because I think this is the hardest thing I have ever been through in my life so far!

    podiatrychannel Morton's Neuroma Forum
    Sue1, August 2008
    Post Link: mortons neuroma and plantar fasciitis

  • Thanks, this site has really been helpful!

    urologychannel Kidney Stones Forum
    mac123, August 2008
    Post Link: confused and a bit scared.

  • I am grateful to your forum, it gave me somewhere to turn when I was feeling alone.

    pulmonologychannel COPD Forum
    missantarctica5, July 2008
    Post Link: Mum with COPD has pneumonia

  • I just joined this forum and I really like it because I don't feel alone with ET anymore. ... I too have found this forum quite informational and it really helps me to be able to talk to people with the same thing I deal with. ... I have read a lot of stories and even posted my own.

    neurologychannel Essential Tremor Forum
    Unicorn71, July 2008
    Post Link: New SteadyShaker Checking In!

  • I have been following the posts in this forum and find them to be very useful.

    urologychannel Bladder Cancer Forum
    Post Link:
    stevelasvegas, July 2008 New to this mess

  • I was glad to find this site. Gave me insight to my tremors and things that go along with it. Learned new information. Explained why my tremors and depression have increased.

    neurologychannel Essential Tremor Forum
    lilred, July 2008
    Post Link: New joiner

  • I’ve just read through all of your stories and WOW…you all sound like me. ... Wish I would have found this site ahead of time, would have been nice to have a sympathetic group to talk to about it!

    Living with Brachymetatarsia
    DH, July 2008
    Story Link: I'm a member of your club!

  • Thank god for this forum to vent and help other people when I can.

    neurologychannel RSD Forum
    leanne1013, July 2008
    Post Link: New to RSD (need to vent)

  • Hi, I am new to this page and this is the first post I read. I started to cry. I have been feeling so low and discouraged with my life and the pain I have each day. I got onto this site and all of the sudden I feel like have some friends who understand what it is like to suffer pain each day while trying to live a "normal" life.

    neurologychannel Chronic Pain Forum
    cakelover, July 2008
    Post Link: Burning and Pain

  • I’ve started reading some of the stories here and it’s good to know I’m not the only one, and I’m glad there’s a forum for this.

    Living with Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome
    soluna, July 2008
    Story Link: I Am a Night Owl, and I Don't Want To Change

  • I've been reading alot here and find your posts so helpful and SO validating, that others understand how all this feels.

    podiatrychannel Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Forum
    nanajo43, July 2008
    Post Link: Anterior tarsal tunnel?

  • There are great websites like this one giving information on different issues.

    Coping with Feline Infectious Peritonitis
    RL, July 2008
    Story Link: FIP 'Snickers'

  • It helps talking here.To finally feel like your not alone.

    neurologychannel RSD Forum
    Copper, July 2008
    Post Link: Feeling like a burden

  • I have been lurking here since my original diagnosis in October last year. I have learned so much from reading everyone's stories and questions.

    neurologychannel RSD Forum
    windym2006, June 2008
    Post Link: Ready for some opinions

  • I need advise as well as a place to vent and when i came across this website I knew I was at the right place.

    neurologychannel RSD Forum
    JasperGhost, June 2008
    Post Link: RSD & Exercise

  • Hi to everyone and thanks for this helpful postings! I'm new to the site and am already finding really useful.

    podiatrychannel Morton's Neuroma Forum
    Suffeli, June 2008
    Post Link: Cryogenic technology to treat neuromas

  • When I first began to research BPH, the Urology Channel served as an important resource.

    Living with BPH/Enlarged Prostate
    John, June 2008
    Story Link: Symptom Free: A BPH Success Story

  • Hello, I am glad to find a site where I can talk to people about this problem.

    podiatrychannel Morton's Neuroma Forum
    palmtreecarol, June 2008
    Post Link: New here. Need some help.

  • I just found this website. I wish I'd found it a year and a half ago! It's such a relief to find other people who know what the hell I'm experiencing, at least to some degree!

    neurologychannel Vertigo Forum
    annaje, June 2008 I wouldn't wish this on my worse enemy

  • Welcome to the forum...I hope you get as much out of "chatting" on it as I do.

    Living with Myasthenia Gravis
    Liddyann, May 2008
    Story Link: Myasthenia Gravis

  • I'm glad there are sites like this where people can share there stories and make people see what the out come is. Because it is making me feel better.

    Living with Bell's Palsy
    Heide, May 2008
    Story Link: Very Scared...

  • I sincerely appreciate you’re answer with so much information. If it wasn’t for this forum my doctor wouldn’t have sent me for the sputum history, nor would they found out I have Pseudomonas. Thank you so very much!

    pulmonologychannel Pneumonia Forum
    Meave, May 2008
    Post Link: Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

  • This forum and some of the contacts I made as a result have helped me through the last months.

    podiatrychannel Morton's Neuroma Forum
    whiteeagle, May 2008
    Post Link: Podiatrist says in NM MRI scan says it,s not HELP

  • I did not know that this was a 'condition' that affected so many people, that there was actually a website where she [my daughter] could find comrads and comfort as well as sound medical advice. Now, I can support her in a stronger manner, I can be more compassionate about her pain. Like she said, I always told her that her foot didn't look bad...I never saw it from her view - but now I do. And I want to thank you for providing a 'safe place' for her to talk about where she wouldn't be laughed at, pointed out or made fun of. Thank you for being a port in her storm.

    Living with Brachymetatarsia
    MAMASANGEL716, May 2008
    Story Link: keeping my socks on (Brachymetatarsia)

  • I am glad that there is someone else that I can finally relate to. ... I am so glad I found this forum and hope that we can all offer each other a shoulder or ear.

    urologychannel Kidney Stones Forum
    sunniegnt, May 2008
    Post Link: What hurts me more - the stones or my emotions

  • This is a cool forum, I'm glad i stumbled on it.

    urologychannel Varicocele Forum
    bigapples, May 2008
    Post Link: lower abdomen pain in conjunction with varicocele

  • I was glad to have came upon this site I have enjoyed and learned alot from the stories.

    neurologychannel RSD Forum
    katelyn, May 2008
    Post Link: RSD CHAT

  • Hi, I've just found this site and have been reading the various entries and posts from everyone. Firstly it's great to hear that i'm not alone, therefore neither are you.

    Living with Vaginal Prolapse
    Louisea, May 2008
    Story Link: Rectocele prolapse

  • I'm glad to have found this forum because I was going through the alcohol shots and was about to schedule the surgery. I'm really glad to not have done that right away.

    podiatrychannel Morton's Neuroma Forum
    texasrd, May 2008
    Post Link: Cryogenic technology to treat neuromas

  • You're story has really inspired me and given me hope. Thank you for posting this story.

    Living with Guillain-Barre Syndrome
    camronsmommy07, May 2008
    Story Link: my son Joey

  • oh my gosh, you don't know how happy it makes me to have someone else acknowledge what I have been feeling. I had not read anything about neuropathy and "vibrations". ... I am glad to have found this forum.

    neurologychannel Neuropathy Forum
    nhgrammyx4, May 2008
    Post Link: vibrations

  • The participation involved here is good and for me I am sort of glad that jnz pointed out something that was previously overlooked.

    animalhealthchannel forum
    Daveyo, May 2008
    Post Link: FIPV

  • Hello, my wife and I are new to RSD she was diagnosed in early April of this year. This forum has been a great help to both of us.

    neurologychannel forum
    GMCGOTTY, May 2008
    Post Link: CHAT ROOMS RSD

  • Thanks for your story. It made me feel as though I'm not as crazy as I've been feeling.

    Living with Neuropathy
    Conner, May 2008
    Story Link: How long can one go without sleep?

  • I am thankfull to this group as I find assurance from here, also for all of your support very much appreciated. Just getting a diagnoised of my disease means alot so now I know what to expect and what things I will do to help myself through all of this. Thanks to the room and god bless you all.

    pulmonologychannel Asthma Forum
    nelwhynot, May 2008
    Post Link: mild emphysema

  • Been looking for a Forum like this for ages. ... great to get on here and get it off my chest with people who understand.

    cardiologychannel Atrial Fibrillation Forum
    Kiddybee, May 2008
    Post Link: Newly diagnosed

  • Wow I'm so glad I found this forum. It was so reassuring to see people having the same symptoms as me. I just had to post ... I will be sure to post back ...

    Living with Pericarditis
    WayneM, May 2008
    Story Link: scared

  • I dont have any where else to really turn to for support, so Im grateful I found this forum...

    urologychannel Interstitial Cystitis Forum
    AChase, April 2008
    Post Link: Im 21 and diagnosed with IC today

  • Thanks everyone for posting on here. It is great to communicate with others who are in the same boat and understand!

    podiatrychannel Morton's Neuroma Forum
    susanmn, April 2008
    Post Link: Cryogenic technology to treat neuromas

  • wow what a great forum and what a relief to be able to read about others who have been in the same situation as i have!

    Living with Endocarditis
    Nathan, April 2008
    Story Link: 24, Fit and Endocarditis!

  • I am glad that I was able to find this website and be able to share my story.

    Living with Bell's Palsy
    Amy, April 2008
    Story Link: rediagnosed with Bells Palsy

  • This is a second home to me. lol I can come in at anytime and ask questions, vent, and share courage. Your going to love it here! Ask away or vent! No one here is biased, and is ALWAYS helpful. I hope you enjoy this board as much as the rest of us do!!!

    neurologychannel RSD Forum
    okiebutterfly, April 2008
    Post Link: Free from religion -just support

  • I've researched a lot of the RSD/CRPS sites. This is the site I liked the best even though it isn't solely dedicated to this one disorder. After reading all the posts and the info I felt more comfortable with this site and the people on it.

    neurologychannel RSD Forum
    katiekat, April 2008
    Post Link: Looking for general advice and support

  • I really enjoy getting on this forum and reading everyone's stories and thoughts. It has been good for me to "talk" to people who understand and are frustrated, too. Even though we are at different stages, we are helping one another.

    Living with Myasthenia Gravis
    liddyann, April 2008
    Story Link: 14 years of Myasthenia Gravis

  • You've come to the right place. Of all the sites dealing with Multiple Sclerosis on the web, this one has impressed me the most. Wherever else you go, this one is a "keeper." It seems to be the most user-friendly, helpful, open-minded and seems to be getting better every time I come here.

    neurologychannel Multiple Sclerosis Forum
    Rajjpuut, April 2008
    Post Link: Any ideas... as im very confused

  • I'm the same way ,I have no one here at home to talk to about rsd and this is my life line.They are others on this forum that would be glad to chat with you also.

    neurologychannel RSD Forum
    Lily, April 2008
    Post Link: Free from religion -just support

  • coming on here, finally and seeing that 1) Im NOT crazy and 2) many people experience these things has been really comforting and helpful.

    Living with Narcolepsy
    christinagrace, April 2008
    Story Link: Narcolepsy

  • This a great forum. I have found out I am not the only one with severe pain. I have gotten some great tips from reading others testimony.

    Living with Bell's Palsy
    patch, April 2008
    Story Link: BP is trying

  • This is my 1st visit to this site & I was very relieved to see the great input -like you said, testicular pain is not something you sit around the coffee room & talk about.

    urologychannel Testicular Pain Forum
    burgess, March 2008
    Post Link: Two reasons for Testicular pain

  • I'm glad I found this site, not that misery loves company but to know there's a support team of sorts out there.

    urologychannel Epididymitis/Orchitis Forum
    srtlrt, March 2008 Need help badly

  • im glad to have looked this up. i feel better knowing im not the only one going through this.

    Living with Vaginal Prolapse
    cola, March 2008
    Story Link: vaginal bulge

  • This chat format is a great opportunity to talk with others that can relate to the issues that affect RSD'ers. Any body and every body that would like to chat on this topic and others, has a place to vent or communicate with friends.

    neurologychannel RSD Forum
    G0J0G0, March 2008
    Post Link: Petition for RSD Awareness Day

  • I have often felt like I am making decisions that are based on intuition rather than fact and I am fortunate that I can find things on the internet to help keep me informed and to learn when to ask questions...Your site has been clearer on information giving than most sites I've looked at. Thank you for the help!

    Living with Brain Cancer
    Judith, March 2008
    Story Link: Brain Cancer - What Comes Next?

  • This forum has been a source of comfort because it helps to defeat the sense of isolation that comes from dealing on a day to day basis.

    neurologychannel RSD Forum
    ttuck, March 2008
    Post Link: Dealing With The Pain

  • you will find that we have a good friendship here and support group going on here. we care for each other and share our good days and bad ones too.as for me i love this page i feel and see and give support and understanding when sometimes it feels like theres no one in the world that understands you.

    Living with Morton's Neuroma
    luisa, March 2008
    Story Link: Give me hope

  • I've been reading here for some time and finally decided to join up so I could post. Thanks to everyone for all the friendly and informative posts. I look forward to being a part of the discussion in this fine community. ... Great to find this supportive community! Hope to be able to participate.

    neurologychannel Essential Tremor Forum
    steadyshaker, March 2008
    Story Link: New SteadyShaker Checking In!

  • Thank you for the posting---after I read your story , I went looking for the exercises-found them and did them...I think it helped...I would have been in the ER too...but you saved me the trip.

    Living with Vertigo
    Bobbye O, March 2008
    Story Link: Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo

  • You are writng under the heading of "fear of the unknown" there is a peer to peer section of this website this offers a wealth of information and support for people like yourself that have unaswered questions. ... The unknown that you all are experiencing is to be feared, but knowledge is power and here you will find an abundance of knowledge.

    Living with RSD
    G0J0G0, March 2008
    Story Link: Fear of the Unknown

  • Having stumbled across this forum while researching MN, all I can say is thank goodness!

    podiatrychannel Morton's Neuroma Forum
    tootsie, March 2008
    Post Link: Bunion surgery a year ago, and now Morton's Neuroma

  • I'll write more later ok? I hope we can keep in touch until surgery. My son says I'm addicted to this forum! It's just nice to discuss problems with others who understand.

    podiatrychannel Bunions Forum
    alwaysunderfoot, February 2008
    Post Link: Bunion Surgery - Please Help

  • This is my first post and I am glad to have found these boards. ...I've been checking back to these boards all morning and it is nice to be able to talk (somewhat) to somebody about this.

    pulmonologychannel COPD Forum
    joyfulwoman, February 2008
    Post Link: Any advice or experience with this??

  • Thanks to all of you; this is a fantastic site, and an important resource for men like us.

    urologychannel Varicocele Forum
    rich, February 2008
    Post Link: Long Term Affects of Varicocele Surgery

  • i have met some really wonderful caring people on this web sight and it has really helped me alot. we all now what each other are going through and can understand when some of your family and friends can't. i truly believe God led me to this sight for help from others because he knew i was in pain and very scared of my what my future would be and i've learned alot from everyone here and to know i'm not alone.

    neurologychannel RSD Forum
    Lily, February 2008
    Post Link: Finding a PAIN Specialist?

  • Hi I am new to the site and want to say how much useful info you all provide on here.

    womenshealthchannel Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) Forum
    GIJane, February 2008
    Post Link: infertilty worries after 1st PID diagnosis

  • i've been so blessed to find this website to talk to other people dealing with the same pain and understanding each other and caring.

    neurologychannel RSD Forum
    Lily, January 2008
    Post Link: Help!!!! New to RSD!!!

  • Hello! I was reading the posts and find them soooo encouraging! Just knowing someone else is out there makes me feel a little better. At least you all know and understand what it is like living with RSD.

    painchannel RSD Forum
    okiebutterfly, January 2008
    Post Link: Dealing With The Pain

  • I've read the personal stories on this site, and I am so very encouraged by the strength and dignity of those who shared their stories. I needed to hear from others just who have gone through and are going through what I am now, and to get a better perspective of just what I am dealing with.

    Living with Bladder Cancer
    Chris, January 2008
    Story Link: Just diagnosed with BC

  • OMG, reading some of these posts my heart goes out to you all...now that I'm experiencing some similar symptoms I'm glad I found this site. ...I'm just glad I found this site to read up on ppl who have experienced the same situation and to get support and/or recommendations for the fastest relief

    urologychannel Interstitial Cystitis Forum
    kichikoi, January 2008
    Post Link: Possible IC

  • This article [Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture] was extremely helpful...[It] was easy to read and full of information I needed! I will visit this site [animalhealthchannel] more often.

    animalhealthchannel content feedback
    dokmerlin, January 2008
    Post Link: Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture

  • I really appreciate the information I get from everyone on this forum. This is the first time I've ever been a member of any forum and I would never have thought it would be so helpful to have people with the same problems to talk to.

    podiatrychannel Morton's Neuroma Forum
    alwaysunderfoot, January 2008
    Post Link: morton's neuroma - surgery or not?

  • I think this is an awesome place and believe that support forums are one of the major resources to receive relief from pain, confusion about a broader topic and camaraderie with others that experience very similar day-to-day lifestyles.

    neurologychannel Neuropathy Forum
    Bilirubinthesidekick, January 2008
    Post Link: I love someone who has Diabetic Neuropathy.

  • I just found this website and I wish I had 3 1/2 years ago. I don't know if you will recieve this or not, but.... I am so glad to find stories of people that know what I go through everyday.

    surgerychannel Nissen Fundoplication Forum
    carlsonburke, January 2008
    Post Link: About to have a 2nd Nissen

  • I just wanted to say "hi", as I will be visiting regularly. I look forward to reading the posts of other BC "club" members, as I have a great deal to learn about this disease, and its affect on activies of daily living. I know everyone is different, as are their individual experiences. But I can learn from that, and maybe I'll even be able to give something back.

    urologychannel Bladder Cancer Forum
    cgb, January 2008
    Post Link: Newly diagnosed

  • ...at this moment, I feel relieved beyond words to have found this website. I've been searching for what feels like forever to find a forum that doesn't contain outdated posts written 2 or 3 years ago.

    Living with REM Behavior Disorder
    rpda, December 2007
    Story Link: My Dad's Story

  • I am grateful to have this forum as it gives a sense of belonging at times to what has been a very lonely period because of a lack of understanding by those who do not suffer from this condition.

    neurologychannels RSD Forum
    ttuck, December 2007
    Post Link: Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD)

  • I just got on this forum today, I think it's great to hear of other men(and womans) successes.

    urologychannel Erectile Dysfunction Forum
    Jack67, December 2007
    Post Link: Erectile Dysfunction

  • Finding this forum has helped me by giving me people to talk to and listen to their problems. It lets you see that you're not alone in your suffering.

    neurologychannels Neuropathy Forum
    alwaysunderfoot, December 2007
    Post Link: Neuropathy

  • Thanks to other peoples stories I don't feel so alienated. That night really put a dent in my self esteem but after coming in contact with this website, I don't feel as bad.

    Living with Erectile Dysfunction
    A.S.A., December 2007
    Story Link: Lady of the Night

  • I am glad I found this website it is nice to know that we IC'ers are not alone!

    painchannel Interstitial Cystitis Forum
    madjen66, December 2007
    Post Link: Interstitial Cystitis

  • ...So now I’m waiting to have a colposcopy done, and I’m really nervous. That said, I feel much better having read some of your stories. It helps to know there are others out there.

    Living with Cervical Dysplasia
    JCB, November 2007
    Story Link: Unnerved...

  • I look forward to having the forum as a way to connect with others who have CMT. It's always great to share info with others who are in your boat.

    neurologychannel Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease Forum
    hma14424, November 2007
    Post Link: Charcot Marie Tooth Disease

  • i agree w. you about this forum. i found it on friday and feel less lonely knowing i can talk to other people who are just like me!

    neurologychannel RSD Forum
    crabby0713, November 2007
    Post Link: s.g.-blocks do they work? [RSD Forum]

  • I was devasted when the doctor told me of the surgery required and had no one to speak with so I joined this forum and it has been a pleasure.

    urologychannel Vaginal Prolapse Forum
    mic, October 2007
    Post Link: Vaginal Prolapse

  • I just started reading the comments in this forum, and as I write comments I feel it's a great way to release my thoughts knowing there are other people out there who are going through a similar, yet unique, physical crisis...

    neurologychannel Multiple Sclerosis Forum
    Christina Marie, October 2007
    Post Link: Scared, unsure and worried about MS [multiple sclerosis]

  • Finding this forum has been fantastic - I only feel sad that so many people struggle not only with pain but with the difficulty of getting questions answered by their own doctors. After a couple of hours reading here I am much better informed. Thank you to the doctor and to those who respond and also to everyone for asking all my questions for me.

    urologychannel Kidney Stones Forum
    Birdsong, September 2007
    Post Link: my 4th stone [kidney stones] - joining the club

  • I just thought I'd share my story. For over 13 years, I have suffered from severe vertigo, to the point that if someone wiggled the chair I was sitting in, I would instantly think I was going to be sick. For years, I've had to sleep on 2 pillows because I can't lay flat. Several years ago, I got into a fight with a surgeon during an operation because he refused to let me have a small pillow. In the end I won, after he saw how green I was turning with my head laid flat.
  • I found your forum about a week ago, and started scouring for answers. (PS my doctor for years has said there's nothing wrong with me.) My first step was to start taking allergy meds (for allergies I also have), then I read somewhere about cotton swabs in the ears and figured it wouldn't hurt to cut that nasty habit out of my life too.
  • I am only 8 days later, but I can't even begin to express what a difference I feel. I haven't felt dizzy in days, and am actually sleeping better at night.
  • I just wanted to thank everyone in this forum for their advice and empathy. It's truly made a difference, and I KNOW the answer is out there for all of you, somewhere, whether with your doctor or not, you just have to look for it.
    Coping With Vertigo
    Ken, September 2007
  • When I had cancer 11 years ago, I chose to keep my diagnosis from many friends and family members as I was determined not to let it upset too many people and I couldn't cope with being the reason for pain in people I cared about. This decision asked a lot from those I did share my pain with. I wish I had had access to sites like this [oncologychannel] at the time.
    P., June 2007
  • I am 54 and have been living alone with essential tremor until right now. The first time I noticed it was when I was about 6 years old....Today I googled essential tremor (ET) and found dozens of great sites, including this one [neurologychannel]. Things have really changed! I also found several doctors within 50 miles that I can visit and be prescribed specifically for my ET, not the social anxiety disorder that I never had. Wow. What a relief. I'm not some freak. I'm just a person with ET who was really, really good at hiding it for a really, really long time. Thanks.
    L., June 2007
  • I have tried everything to try to fall asleep earlier, including alcohol, sleeping pills, no caffeine, laying in bed trying to force it. Nothing has worked. It is frustrating and makes me feel like a failure...and a lazy person. I felt such a sense of relief when I stumbled upon this description of delayed sleep phase syndrome [sleepchannel]. I read the symptoms and everything described was and has been me!!! I am hoping that now that I know what it is...I can try to see if the treatments will finally help me get into a "normal" sleeping pattern.
    D., May 2007
  • I just wanted to thank you for your hard work [on lgbthealthchannel]. Thanks to you, I was able to find a mental health provider near me. I've searched online for days, but found it on your site within seconds. Thank you.
    S.B., May 2007
  • Urologychannel is a very useful WEB of information. I learned about symptoms and primary diagnosis of incontinence and this was very important for me to decide to visit my urology MD. Thanks for this free public service.
    R.P., May 2007
  • I just wanted to say that I finally feel like maybe I am NOT imagining this feeling after reading everyone else's posts [under Coping with Vertigo]. Not many people understand vertigo. I am a teacher and I feel like when I miss a few days with an attack, some people are very unsure as to why I can't just tough it out. But it's just so hard to focus on completing a task, you can't focus, and having people move around me makes me feel even worse. My first appointment with an ENT will be in three weeks. Hopefully some real answers will come then. Thanks to all for sharing.
    K.T., May 2007
  • As a result of this website [urologychannel] I was able to open up to my husband about some of my apprehensions regarding sexual intimacy [as a result of incontinence treatment procedure]. He read the stories and got a sense of what women are experiencing. I think we can finally communicate about some things now that have been suppressed.
    G.P., April 2007
  • I am so impressed with your website [cardiologychannel]. I recently was diagnosed with a heart condition. I was searching the internet for info and your site was the most thorough and easiest to use. All of my questions were answered within minutes. I just wanted to compliment you on a great job. Thanks!
    L.F., September 2006
  • Thank you for this incredibly informative and helpful resource. I received no aftercare information after my surgery. Fortunately I found your website [surgerychannel]. This information will no doubt help me actually make a more effective recovery. Thank you.
    T.A., January 2006
  • I thought your neurologychannel site was just great and so reassuring for someone who knew nothing about neurology - until my doctor said I needed a neurologist. Just wanted to say thanks very much - I feel so much better with all the information available.
    J.W., June 2005
  • THANK YOU! for having this web site [urologychannel]. This was the most user friendly site for a "noncomputer" person like myself to use. Two weeks ago I was diagnosed with a mass in my kidney. I was referred to a urologist and will be having a ct scan. At this point my doctor isn't sure what it is. More than likely it is benign, however there is a chance that it is not. I was trying to just get info on both [benign and malignant] so I can be more prepared for either diagnoses without "scaring the pants off of me" like the other web sites did. Everything was written in terms that I could understand. What a blessing it was for me to find this web site! Also information on both benign and malignant tumors were found on the same site which was a bonus for me. Once again thank you for making my life a bit less stressed.
    H.B., October 2004
  • I was doing some research and came across podiatrychannel.com. What a great website and source of good, easy-to-understand information! I just wanted to let you know how helpful it has been to me and to thank you for maintaining this site.
    D.B., July 2004
  • I just wanted to let you guys know what a great site this is! [neurologychannel ] It's so informative, and it's laid out really nicely and it's very easy to navigate and find the information you need on it. It provides wonderful, accurate information, from the most basic to the more intricate and technical aspects.
    S.M., February 2004
  • I just wanted to thank you for all the information on your website [urologychannel]. As a new mom, this information has been a valuable resource to me.... Our son was born with several urological problems. We will be going in for another surgery soon and I feel more confident when I am able to understand some the doctor's jargon before actually meeting with the doctors. I feel like I am able to ask more educated questions which helps put my mind at ease. Thank you so much.
    D.L., January 2004
  • This is an excellent reference site [podiatrychannel.com]. Concise, informative, and rich in cross-references as well as other links. Thanks for employing the web the way it was designed; it is quality like this which makes technology such an aid.
    J.M., January 2004
  • I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your website [oncologychannel]. I found just the information I was looking for, and it was presented in a concise, easy-to-understand format. I wish I had known about this website when my mother-in-law was dying. Thank you for this invaluable resource.
    B.G., March 2003
  • There is a vast wealth of information right at the fingertips that has answered many questions for me, just in the past few days... Keep up the great work. This website [urologychannel] is also very easy to navigate. Great job to those who initiated and maintain this site.
    N.R., January 2003
  • I would like to thank you for an informative, easy to navigate, realistic, lung cancer web site [oncologychannel].
    J.D., January 2003
  • This is a very informative site [nephrologychannel], one of the best I have seen so far.
    K.P., December 2002
  • Thank you so much for the information on your site [oncologychannel]. My mother was recently diagnosed with stage 3a ovarian cancer, and until I found your site I had no idea what that even meant. The information you present is clear, informative, and very helpful.
    -A.P., September 2002
  • I was recently diagnosed with mitral regurgitation. Your webpage [cardiologychannel] has given me a great deal of information and understanding. Thank you.
    -S.L., September 2002
  • Hello, I just wanted to say thanks. Over the last cople days I have been having dizzy spells and couldn't figure out why. I used Google to look it up and your website kept coming up and I just wanted to say that it is by far the most informative. Very clear and easy to understand. I did go to the doctor and I discovered I had vertigo and I had already predetermined that from the info on your website and it made me much more informed about the sickness. Your website is great and I am going to recommend it to everyone. Thanks.
    -A.M., August 2002
  • I am in tears having just read the doctor's (urologychannel) forum on kidney stones...it's the best information I've found and gives me hope and some invaluable information. I cannot express how appreciative I am that this information is available!
    -S.Z., August 2002
  • Thank you! Last night my cat had a CCL rupture and your site [animalhealthchannel] helped to explain exactly what it was and what my options were. Great site!
    -K.B., July 2002
  • I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for your clear and concise information on UTIs [urologychannel]. It was easy to access and certainly put my mind at rest, as a doctor is quite hard to consult at 11:45 p.m.! Thanks again.
    -R.L., July 2002
  • Thank you for neurologychannel. I really needed to know what dementia was and I could not find a site that just told me what it was, that is until I came here! I am really grateful because we just found out that my uncle has this. THANK YOU ALL!
    -I.B., April 2002
  • Your site, neurologychannel, is very helpful to me because I am one of those people who have grand mal seizures. I found out more about the things I did not know that were possible for me. Thank you so much.
    -T.D., April 2002
  • My 15-year old son has recently been admitted to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford with pericarditis and a pericardial effusion. He was given emergency treatment and the fluid aspirated (approx 500 ml was removed but the cardiologist was unable to successfully leave a drain in place). I have been happy enough with the treatment he is receiving but I wanted to find out what I could about his condition in laymans terms. I found your website on first hit (via Ask Jeeves) and I wanted you to know how impressed I am and how helpful the information has been. Thank you.
    -K.S., April 2002
  • I just want to thank you for having this web page [oncologychannel]. I am right now battling AML, which I knew nothing about until I found your web page. Once again thank you.
    - J.M., April 2002
  • Urologychannel is a wonderful site. It is such a useful idea for teenagers that have health questions. I hope you answer my question quickly because I really need your help. Thanks!
    - J.E., April 2002
  • Podiatrychannel is very informative and user friendly site. Please consider developing an Orthopedic Channel. Thank you.
    - S.M., April 2002
  • This is to acknowledge the fact that this [mentalhealthchannel.net] is the best website on depression I have ever visited. My best wishes to all of you. Thank you!
    - M.E., March 2002
  • A very good website [neurologychannel]. Last week I had identical visual symptoms to those you describe on your site. Visual impairment on the left side of both eyes, in a zig-zag pattern, accompanied by dizziness. My doctor (as well as myself) suspected a mini-stroke. The day after I saw my doctor, I came down with the worst migraine I've had in years. I did not know that visual problems were a warning sign of a migraine until I visited this site. I'll continue with the tests that my doctor ordered, but will definitely ask him about this as well. Thanks!
    - E.D., March 2002
  • I just wanted to say that it's wonderful that you provide a site with so much information on adrenal cancer. I recently lost my mother to this rare cancer, and just a year ago we couldn't find much information on her cancer. Thank you for your site.
    - M.R., February 2002
  • Quite a good site. Having an upper GI series today left me with many questions that your site answered. The use of medical terminology and treating your site viewer intelligently, confident that they could understand you, was very good. Keep up the good work.
    - D.K., January 2002
  • I would like to thank the people who put the neurologychannel website together. The information on Bell's palsy was very informative. I found out that this disorder is what I have and I will now talk with my doctor about the symptoms that I have been having.
    - D.T., January 2002
  • Thank you ever so much for having this website [dermatologychannel.net]. I was diagnosed with scabies recently and was given lanoline lotion, but the symptoms didn't go away. Thanks to the resources on your site, I can rest in peace, knowing I don't have herpes. My doctor never really explained it to me and now I can better treat myself. Thank you once again.
    - J.C., January 2002
  • I am scheduled for a colon resection in February for chronic diverticulitis. I have been searching all over the Web for information on the operation. Your site offered the best information yet and I want to thank you for this.
    - M.C., January 2002
  • I just wanted to thank you for information I received from your website. My 79-year-old mother took a fall and was diagnosed with a spinal fracture. I started doing research asap and found your article about vertebroplasty. Long story short, I sent my sister the article and they were able to find a doctor in Jacksonville who performed the procedure on my mother last week. She is out of severe pain and got immediate relief after the procedure. Thank you again for your website.
    - D.M., January 2002

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