Healthy Products

Banglz ½ Lb Weight Bands

A healthy gift for people who have trouble fitting in exercise

Why They’ll Love It: You may have heard that “non-exercise activity”—the sum total of your daily walking, standing, stair-climbing, and errand-running—is a great way to burn calories and get fit. These cute light wrist weights can give those activities a healthy—and fashionable—boost. Your gift recipient will pop a pair on her wrists (they come in a variety of styles, including denim, zebra stripes, cheetah spots, and basic black and close with comfy Velcro) and wear them around the house or on walks. They help tone arm muscles and increase the number of calories burned and can be worn during yoga, Pilates, or other fitness activities. (Banglz also makes 1-lb wristbands and ankle bands and 2-lb ankle weights that are intended exclusively for workout sessions.)

Suggested Retail Price: $22–$25

Where to Buy This Gift: and at select fitness and pharmacy stores nationwide (listed on the company website)

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