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Clean Air Ball

A healthy gift for everyone

Why They’ll Love It: Air purifiers can be helpful to those who are sensitive to allergens such as dust or pet hair, but many models can be obtrusive—not so helpful.

The Clean Air Ball is small, but mighty. The orb uses HEPA filtration to super-quietly clean the air immediately around it. Weighing less than two pounds and able to sit on a nightstand or other small table, it can be toted around to any location it is needed—be it a bedroom, office, workshop or the in-laws' house full of furry cats. The design is also discrete, so no more having to deal with ugly vents distracting from a beautiful room. This healthy gift is one you might also just consider keeping for yourself or on-hand for your guests—non-stop sneezing can really put a cramp in a good dinner party.

Suggested Retail Price: $40

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