Fish Oil Supplements

In addition to antioxidant supplements, a number of other other supplements have been studied as possible allies in the fight against heart attacks. For example, folic acid supplements lower blood levels of homocysteine; however, multiple studies have shown that folic acid does not reduce the risk of heart attacks or strokes. And with one exception, there’s no evidence to support the use of other supplements for your heart.

The one exception is fish oil supplements, which are a source of omega-3 fats. The American Heart Association recommends fish oil supplements to prevent heart disease-related deaths in people with coronary heart disease who are unable to consume 1,000 mg of fish oil a day from their diet alone. The organization also recommends fish oil supplements (2,000 to 4,000 mg per day) for people who need to reduce their triglyceride levels. Always consult your doctor before taking fish oil supplements, because they can cause excessive bleeding in some people.

Publication Review By: Roger S. Blumenthal, M.D. and Simeon Margolis, M.D., Ph.D.

Published: 10 Mar 2011

Last Modified: 15 Jan 2015