95 million people (8 in 10 adult Internet users) in the United States are using the Internet to gather advice about health and health care. Many of them are specifically searching for doctors.* Make sure they can find you with a listing in Locator, our doctor directory. Doctor on computer

You can benefit from our strong web traffic with a listing in HCPLocator/MDLocator, our physician directory. DPMLocator and VetLocator are also available. A Locator feature is available on this site as well as our "healthchannels" (medical information websites such as urologychannel, neurologychannel, podiatrychannel).

We're getting over 10 referrals a month from our listing and it keeps growing over time. There's no doubt in our minds that our membership more than pays for itself.
- Dr. Christopher Fetner, Dallas, Texas

How It Works

Millions of browsers visit our health websites each year and many of them use the Locator feature to find a local doctor. The Locator feature is found prominently on every page of our medical information websites. When they search for a doctor in your area, they'll find you. To provide the full benefit of your listing, we can include a link to your website. All of the doctors in your practice can be listed in the directory for a low monthly fee, as shown in the pricing chart below.

Include a Link to Your Website

To provide the full benefit of your listing in the directory, we can include a link to your website at no extra charge. If you don't have a website, a one-page website is available for an additional $2/month or $24/year. We also provide comprehensive physician website services (Full-Service Plan) which includes the listing in MDLocator. To compare the Full-Service Plan to the MDLocator Plan, see our service plan comparison chart.

Listing Prices -

All of the doctors in your practice can be listed in Locator for one small fee. The cost of your listing in our directory can be offset by new referrals to your practice. Enroll now.

# Doctors
in Group
Price Add One-Page
1 $15/mo. or $180/yr. Additional
$ 2/mo.

2 $28/mo. or $336/yr.

$42/mo. or $504/yr.

Credit cards or checks accepted.

Joining our team of Medical Advisors qualifies you for a free listing and gives you national exposure.

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It's fast, it's easy, and it's a great investment in the success of your practice. Save up to 40% by enrolling today. Each physician gets his/her own listing and patients will be able to find you online immediately. Choose from these ways to enroll now:

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* Internet usage statistic from the Pew Internet & American Life Project

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Last Modified: 24 Jul 2009