In addition to the success stories from our physician members shown below, the feedback from health care consumers might also interest you.

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  • Your professionalism and high standards of excellence are exemplary, and I applaud your sense of dedication and loyalty to our clinic.
    - Leslee Baldinger, Minneaplis Clinic of Neurology, Ltd. (Jul. 2008)
  • I must tell you that rarely does a day go by that I don't hear positive comments and compliments on my web page...all thanks to you and the wonderful people at
    - Neil Baum, M.D. (June 2008)
  • I'm just so excited at how great this [website] looks! You have no idea the relief and pride I feel when I see the home page.

    I just have to thank you so much for your professionalism, customer service, patience, and friendliness. I want to give your graphics team a huge hug.

    I feel confident that we will get so much great use out of this site.
    - Stephanie, Neurology Consultants Chartered (June 2008)

  • Thanks. It [website] looks great! By the way, when my husband asks patients how they heard about us, a lot of them say that they were most impressed by our website!
    - Cheryl, Central Texas Allergy and Asthma Center (Nov. 2007)
  • Thank you, again, for all you do for us at MCN. We certainly appreciate your professionalism and dedication to "presenting" the information in such a timely and professional manner. Job well done! Thank you, again, for your efficiency and professionalism in keeping us on the "straight and narrow."
    - Leslee Baldinger, Minneaplis Clinic of Neurology, Ltd. (Jul. 2007)
  • Wonderful. I am very pleased with the professional manner with which you manage our website. The response is wonderful and the result is perfect. Thank you.
    - Rose Sabelko, RHIT, Western Wisconsin Urology, S.C. (Jan. 2007)
  • I continue to get good feedback from my website. It results in about 4 new patients per month. I'm very happy with that. It's also a great place for seminar moderators and other people who need copies of my resume to refer. Thanks for the great opportunity your website affords. I love participating.
    - Dr. Thomas Novella (Nov. 2006)
  • I have had three patients in the last 10 days that came from the site and one in particular raved about it. Great work...thanks for your help. We have had two additional new patients that have come from an average of 30+ miles because of the high degree of professionalism demonstrated by our website...THANK YOU!!!
    - J. Michael Lunsford, D.P.M. (Sept. 2006)
  • There's no doubt in our minds that our membership more than pays for itself. Through our affiliation with, we have received much higher search engine rankings which puts us out in front of our competitors and yields us 2 or 3 new patients a week (minimum).
    - Christopher Fetner, M.D. (Feb. 2006)
  • Your company's customer service is great. Thank you for all your help on this website. You have done wonders with it.
    - Robert Kester, M.D. (Jun. 2005)
  • The web site looks AMAZING! Thank you so much. Your staff has gone above and beyond our expectations...our whole office staff is excited! I am almost hesitant to tell people about this site for fear of them signing up and out doing us ;) You can guarantee you will get me kudos and word of mouth to colleagues and friends!
    - Alap Shah, D.P.M. (Jun. 2005)

  • I am so very pleased with our website. You do an excellent job. There is so much information and [so many] links. I am sure that the patients use it. I have viewed local physician websites and they do not compare to our site. Again, thank you so much for your expertise.
    With appreciation,
    - Donna Staten, Greenbrier Valley Urology Associates (Jun. 2005)

  • I really should have already expressed my gratitude for what a great job you did with the search engines... My computer savvy patients are extremely impressed with my high standing in the Google [results] for urologists in NYC; I am always in the top three listings on the 1st of close to a hundred pages!

    Over this past year I have noticed an impressive increasing role of the web site in directing patients to my office. I think it is safe to say that the web site is now my #1 referral source - better than the doctors who I have known and have been directing patients to me for years. The web site has wildly exceeded any expectations that I have had for it with regard to directing patients to my practice.

    I originally intended for the web site to be a tool to offer my current patients more medical information, or perhaps to make people feel more comfortable with me after they were given my name but before they actually met me. In addition to all that, as I have said already - it has been a great referral tool as well.

    Keep up the awesome work. Thanks.
    - David M. Kaufman, M.D. (Apr. 2005)

  • I just wanted to let you know how valuable and helpful my website from urologychannel has been.

    First, it's a quality site with many internal links making navigation for visitors and patients quite simple. It also is quite attractive which makes me proud to have my name on it and to use it as my primary website. I also like the periodic updates and improvements that are added by your staff which keeps making the site better and more useful.

    Next, the service has been exceptional. Yesterday I was interviewed about a new procedure by a local television news reporter. That report will be broadcast tonight and they will be listing my website. I'm told to expect the phone ringing off the hook when that hits the air with "millions" of callers. We then realized that there was nothing on the website about this new treatment.

    With the outstanding help of your staff, we were able to get a very good write up of the new procedure incorporated into my website within just a few hours. I do not believe that this could have been done by many other website operators. Your staff has also offered to add the video segment when I have it taped and can send it to them. Many thanks for that effort.

    I ... receive a steady stream of questions from patients through the website. This has turned into additional patients in my office, which is one of the points of the website service.

    Finally, getting reliable health information on the Internet is quite difficult, so the health info on your site has been helpful to patients looking to my website for information not already there or for more details on various subjects.

    Once again, thanks for providing me with this outstanding website.

    - Stephen W. Leslie, M.D. (May 2002)

  • I have already gotten positive feedback from a patient on my website "Patient Education" page. Just looked at it myself and see it's coming along splendidly, nearing completion. It works great!! Thank you! I very much appreciate the care and taste and work put into this. You and all involved in the website building team deserve a raise and a promotion!
    - Paul J. Silbert, M.D. (April 2002)

  • Your organization has done a super job for us and we are very pleased. We consistently get positive comments on the website as a positive reflection on us.
    - Steve Smith, Fort Wayne Neurological Center(April 2002)

  • We have grown to trust and treasure our website. You and your staff have much to be congratulated for. If Philip, with whom I work most closely, is an example of the quality of your staff, you can't miss continuing to be an outstanding organization.
    - Jan Mashman, M.D. (April 2002)

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