Fitness is an important part of a healthy lifestyle—for all members of your family. Fitness apps can be a fun, easy way to manage your family's fitness level. Use a fitness app on your mobile device to keep track of your exercise and other aspects of your health and wellness.

Here are the top 10 fitness apps for Android, Blackberry and iPhone/iPod as determined by Mobilewalla—an app reporting site that ranks all apps on the market using criteria such as app store rank, user reviews and comments found on Twitter and other social media spaces and more.

Top Fitness Apps for Android

Search for these apps and more at Android Market.

  1. Fitness ($0.99)
  2. Fitness Tips (Free)
  3. Fitness Trainer (Free)
  4. Fitness diet (Free)
  5. Fitness Bragger (Free)
  6. Fitness Tracker (Free)
  7. Fitness Tips (Free)
  8. Fitness Strength ($0.99)
  9. Fitness Expert (Free)
  10. Daily Fitness (Free)

Top Fitness Apps for Blackberry

Search for these apps and more at Blackberry App World.

  1. Fitness Tracker ($0.99)
  2. Fitness Combo ($0.99)
  3. Heart Fitness ($0.99)
  4. Runner and Fitness Cog ($0.99)
  5. e-Mobile GPS Fitness ($9.99)
  6. Fitness Calculator (Free)
  7. Total Fitness ($0.99)
  8. Fitness Checklist ($0.99)
  9. HandyLogs Fitness—Workout Body Weight Exercise and Measurement Tracker (Free)
  10. In2Shape Round Timer for MMA Boxing and Fitness ($0.99)

Top Fitness Apps for iPhone/iPod

Search for these apps and more at iTunes.

  1. Mobile Fitness (Free)
  2. LA Mobile Fitness (Free)
  3. Heart Fitness (Free)
  4. Full Fitness ($0.99)
  5. Noble Fitness ($1.99)
  6. LS Fitness ($1.99)
  7. Fitness Caddy (Free)
  8. RW3 Fitness (Free)
  9. Fitness Glossary ($1.99)
  10. Fitness Buddy ($0.99)

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Published: 14 Apr 2011

Last Modified: 10 Nov 2011