Losing weight often requires lifestyle changes, as well as changes in diet and exercise habits. Ways that patients can lose weight more effectively include the following:

  • Avoiding situations that promote overeating
  • Finding support when needed
  • Goal-setting
  • Planning
  • Staying positive and motivated

Weight Loss Programs

Many patients find group weight loss programs helpful for the extra support and camaraderie they can provide. For a membership fee, participants can get advice from weight-loss practitioners, learn more about healthy diets and exercise programs, and share their challenges and successes with other members who have the same goals.

Other patients prefer individual weight loss programs; particularly busy patients who do not have time to prepare healthy meals and track progress. Some of these programs prepare and deliver meals for patients. However, these programs usually are more expensive than the group programs.

Publication Review By: Karen Larson, M.D.

Published: 15 Nov 2006

Last Modified: 30 Jul 2015