Whether you are in the pregnancy planning stage, are expecting your first baby—or your third, pregnancy apps can provide helpful tips for a healthy pregnancy. Using a pregnancy app on your mobile device offers instant access to important information about all stages of pregnancy and helps you track your pregnancy and your baby's growth and development—from day to day, week to week, month to month, and trimester to trimester.

Here are the top 10 pregnancy apps for Android, Blackberry and iPhone/iPod as determined by Mobilewalla—an app reporting site that ranks all apps on the market using criteria such as app store rank, user reviews and comments found on Twitter and other social media spaces and more.

Top Pregnancy Apps for Android

Search for these apps and more at Android Market.

  1. My Pregnancy (Free)
  2. Pregnancy Assistant (Free)
  3. Pregnancy Tracker (Free)
  4. Pregnancy Calendar (Free)
  5. Pregnancy Ticker (Free)
  6. Pregnancy Widget (Free)
  7. Pregnancy Due-Date Calculator (Free)
  8. BabyBump Pregnancy Pro ($2.99)
  9. Pregnancy Contraction Timer (Free)
  10. Pregnancy Guide Tips (Free)

Top Pregnancy Apps for Blackberry

Search for these apps and more at Blackberry App World.

  1. Pregnancy Wheel (Free)
  2. Pregnancy and Parenting Groups from 'What to Expect' (Free)
  3. Pregnancy Week by Week ($5.99)
  4. Prenatal Yoga ($0.99)
  5. Contraction Calc ($0.99)
  6. Pregnancy Pal ($0.99)
  7. Pregnancy Checklist ($0.99)

Top Pregnancy Apps for iPhone/iPod

Search for these apps and more at iTunes.

  1. Healthy Pregnancy ($2.99)
  2. Pregnancy Fitness ($2.99)
  3. Pregnancy Nutrition ($0.99)
  4. BabyBump Pregnancy (Free)
  5. Pregnancy & Baby Development (Free)
  6. Pregnancy Health Guide (Free)
  7. BabyCenter My Pregnancy Today (Free)
  8. Baby Pregnancy Tracker (Lite) (Free)
  9. I'm Expecting – Pregnancy App (Free)
  10. iPregnancy (Pregnancy App) ($3.99)

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Published: 13 Apr 2011

Last Modified: 17 Feb 2015