Therapists abide by a set of professional ethics and certain actions are considered unacceptable. The following is a list of some things your therapist should not do:

  • A therapist should not be physically affectionate with you.
  • Everything you say during a session is confidential, and a therapist cannot reveal to anyone else what you have discussed during sessions. The exception is when you or someone else is in danger, such as having suicidal or homicidal thoughts.
  • A therapist should not make decisions for you. You should feel that you can disagree with or refuse any suggestions of a therapist.
  • A therapist should not become involved in your social or private life outside of your sessions.
  • A therapist should not reveal personal details about himself or herself or initiate a discussion of his or her own problems.
  • A therapist should give you undivided attention during a session and not take phone calls or talk to other people.

Publication Review By: Karen L. Swartz, M.D.

Published: 19 Jun 2013

Last Modified: 19 Feb 2015