What's not to love about summertime? For some of us, it's shedding the long sleeves and pants we wear during the cooler months. If you're among the skin-shy, read on for simple solutions to five common skin problems and slip into tank tops and shorts with confidence.

1. Spider Veins

Why They Happen: Valves in your blood vessels weaken, due to aging or genetics. The blood pools and causes capillaries to have that skinny, squiggly appearance.

Simple Solution: Mask unsightly veins with a waterproof body makeup like Dermablend, which can be custom-matched to your exact skin color (dermablend.com); self-tanner works too. For a permanent fix, try sclerotherapy, a procedure in which a doctor uses a tiny needle to inject veins with a solution that makes them collapse and disappear.

2. Little White Bumps (Keratosis Pilaris)

Whey They Happen: Technically called keratosis pilaris, these bumps are often genetic. They're caused by plugged hair follicles and tend to pop up on upper arms and buttocks.

Simple Solution: Use a lotion with glycolic acid, lactic acid or retinol, which will open follicles and loosen the keratin plugs blocking them.

3. Ingrown Hairs

Why They Happen: Repeated shaving can irritate hair follicles, causing hair to get trapped and resulting in those little red bumps that tend to appear on your bikini line.

Simple Solution: Use a loofah to remove dead skin before shaving. Always use a shaving cream to help the razor glide smoothly across your skin. Shave at the end of your shower, when hair is hydrated and, thus, easier to cut.

4. Cellulite

Why It Happens: Genes. Cellulite is the same as other fat, except it bulges between bands of tissue that connect your skin and your muscles, causing that dreaded dimpled appearance.

Simple Solution: Creams and gels with caffeine, peptides or retinol can help temporarily by constricting blood vessels and causing skin to swell so dimples are less obvious. Bronzers and self-tanners help conceal lumpiness as well.

5. Cracked Heels

Whey They Happen: When skin on the feet is too dry—due to a lack of moisturizing, frequent hot baths or dry air—it can crack from the daily pressure of standing.

Simple Solution: Soften heels in the shower with a pumice stone or foot file. Apply a foot cream containing lactic acid daily.

Self-Tanner Tips

Self-tanners can cover a multitude of skin sins, but they can be tricky to use properly. Here's how to get the best results.

  • Exfoliate Use a washcloth or loofah to exfoliate your skin prior to applying self-tanner. Pay special attention to areas where your skin is thickest—elbows, knees and ankles.
  • Divide and conquer Apply the self-tanner in sections (arms, then legs, followed by torso). Massage into your skin in a circular motion. Wash your hands after each section to avoid orange palms.
  • Use a light touch when applying tanner from your wrists to your hands and from your ankles to your feet. For a natural look, don't cover hands and feet entirely.
  • Dry before dressing Wait at least 10 minutes before putting on your clothes to avoid mess-ups.

From our sister publication REMEDY's Healthy Living Summer 2014

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Published: 15 Jun 2014

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