Try This Yoga Pose to Improve Sleep

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Beth Irvine, author of Healthy Mother, Healthy Child (Bright Sky Press, 2010), says"“The Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose calms the mind and acts as a natural sleep remedy." Here’s how to do this yoga pose:

  1. Place a yoga mat or blanket on the floor, with a short edge against a wall.
  2. Lie on the mat, feet towards the wall and with toes touching the wall. Bend legs and scoot your butt closer to wall.
  3. Lift legs, bending knees to your chest. Extend legs upward and lean them against wall. Your body should form a backwards "L" with a straight line from your navel to the top of your head, lying perpendicular to wall.
  4. Take several very deep breaths. Feel the breaths relax you as you settle into position.
  5. Stay in place for up to 20 minutes or for as long as the position feels comfortable.

If your legs feel tight or you develop a cramp, gently stretch the back of your legs. Sweet dreams!

Adapted from our sister publication, Diabetes Focus, Fall 2012

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Published: 15 Aug 2012

Last Modified: 03 Mar 2015