7 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy

by Marc Rohman

It's easy to get caught up in the warmth of the holiday season: gathering with friends and family, food, festivities...the list goes on. Unfortunately the travel that's often involved with these activities can increase your chances of catching a bug. The immune system isn't built to withstand abrupt changes in weather, lack of sleep, and constant exposure to germs—leaving travelers vulnerable.

While it's not realistic to avoid every coughing passenger on a plane or refuse all public restrooms on a road trip, there are ways to protect your immune system so that it can fight these battles with you along the way. Taking these precautions and following these health maintenance rules can make all the difference between a holiday well spent and a holiday spent nursing yourself back to health:

  1. A few days before you take off, begin to take a daily probiotic to help build your immunity.
  2. Rest up. Sleep does a body good.
  3. Relax. Stress increases in good and bad times and high levels of cortisol—a natural hormone produced in response to stress—lowers immunity.
  4. Eat well and stay hydrated. Food is fuel and in order to stay healthy, you have to fuel yourself with the right foods. Dried fruit, nuts, and travel-friendly fruit and nut bars are great options.
  5. Wash your hands especially before meals and after handling public menus! Heard this before? That's for good reason—hand washing is one of the easiest ways to keep you healthy on the go.
  6. Avoid rubbing or touching your eyes—even if they feel itchy or tired. Your eyes give germs an excellent opening to invade your body.
  7. Up for a challenge? If you're right handed, try eating with your left hand. Your right hand may pick up more germs—opening doors, shaking hands, etc. This might sound tougher than it actually is, give it a go!

Marc Rohman is President of Biocodex USA, the pharmaceutical company that owns Florastor, the #1 worldwide probiotic.

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Published: 19 Dec 2014

Last Modified: 22 Dec 2014