Incontinence Quiz

This Health Quiz can be used to determine the type of incontinence you may have. Answer these questions and take them with you to your urologist to help your doctor make an accurate diagnosis. If you have any questions contact your doctor.

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Continence Screening Questions

  1. Do you usually get a strong urge to urinate?
  2. Do you always make it to the bathroom on time?
  3. Can you overcome the urge to void?
  4. Are you aware when you leak urine?
  5. Can you stop the flow of urine on your own?
  6. Do you leak urine when you sneeze or cough?
  7. Do you leak urine during physical activity?
  8. Do you leak urine in small amounts?
  9. Do you leak urine at night?
  10. Do you leak urine when you change position?
  11. Do you feel that you empty your bladder?
  12. Do you have to strain to empty your bladder?
  13. Do you have trouble starting your stream?
  14. Do you start and stop your stream when voiding?
  15. Is your stream as strong as it has always been?
  16. Is your stream weak or slow?
  17. Do you dribble or leak urine after voiding?

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Published: 30 Apr 1999

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