If you have trouble controlling yourself around ice cream, chips, and other snack foods, you're not alone. New research suggests that instead of being a willpower problem, overeating may be an addictive behavior—stimulating the same pleasure and reward centers of the brain that are responsible for substance addictions. Luckily, you can retrain your brain.

Exercise is one way to do it. A recent study found that when people rode an exercise bike for an hour, their brain had a weaker response to food cues afterward.

Or the next time you crave a piece of cake, think about the drawbacks of actually eating it or imagine that a bug had crawled on it. Another study found that these simple techniques could increase activity in the parts of the brain that help you resist temptation.

From our sister publication REMEDY'S Healthy Living Spring 2014

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Published: 10 Feb 2014

Last Modified: 19 Mar 2015