Weight loss apps are among the most popular health apps around. Why? Losing weight requires making lifestyle changes and sticking with them—wherever, whenever. Using a weight loss app on your mobile device to track what you eat, log your exercise and more can help you keep tabs on your efforts to lose weight and keep it off.

Here are the top 10 weight loss apps for Android, Blackberry and iPhone/iPod as determined by Mobilewalla—an app reporting site that ranks all apps on the market using criteria such as app store rank, user reviews and comments found on Twitter and other social media spaces and more.

Top Weight Loss Apps for Android

Search for these apps and more at Android Market.

  1. Valentine's Weight Loss (Free)
  2. Noom Weight Loss (Free)
  3. Easy Weight Loss Tips (Free)
  4. Simple Weight Loss Resolution (Free)
  5. Weigh Weight Lite (Free)
  6. Weight Watchers Mobile Beta (Free)
  7. Weight Loss Coach ($1.00)
  8. Amazing Weight Loss Recipes ($1.17)
  9. Weight Loss Made Healthy ($7.86)
  10. Simple Weight Recorder (Free)

Top Weight Loss Apps for Blackberry

Search for these apps and more at Blackberry App World.

  1. Pilot's Weight and Balance Calculator ($0.99)
  2. HandyLogs Fitness – Workout Body Weight Exercise and Measurement Tracker (Free)
  3. Molecular Weight Calculator (Free)
  4. Weight Control ($0.99)
  5. Lose Weight with Andrew Johnson ($0.99)
  6. Weight Loss Sensei ($0.99)
  7. Weight Loss Booster ($0.99)
  8. Yoga for Weight Loss ($0.99)
  9. Weight Tracker ($0.99)
  10. Weight Loss Hypnosis Program ($0.99)

Top Weight Loss Apps for iPhone/iPod

Search for these apps and more at iTunes.

  1. Successful Weight Loss ($1.99)
  2. Amazing Weight Loss Recipes ($0.99)
  3. Easy Weight Loss Tips (Free)
  4. Weight Loss Tracker ($0.99)
  5. BodyTrak – Weight Loss Log ($1.99)
  6. FatNav – weight loss support (Free)
  7. Weight Loss Diary & Tracker ($0.99)
  8. Healthy Recipes: Cooking For Fast Weight Loss (Free)
  9. Women's Fitness Guide to Weight Loss ($6.99)
  10. Aerobic Exercise for Weight Loss; Anti-Aging and Better Health ($0.99)

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Published: 13 Apr 2011

Last Modified: 13 Oct 2011